Measuring what matters: patient involvement in HTA

08.07.2021    Realise Advocacy
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Josie Godfrey and Lindsay Weaver

Josie Godfrey and Lindsay Weaver from Realise Advocacy discuss why patient involvement in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is essential for good decision-making and how patients and patient organisations can be supported to ensure they maximise their impact through evidence based advocacy. Heidi Livingstone from NICE will discuss why patient involvement is so important to decision-making and the support that NICE are able to provide. Eric Low will speak about his experience navigating HTA as patient advocate and Rick Thompson from Findacure will talk about the unmet needs he has identified and their plans to address these. Francis Pang from Orchard Therapeutics will offer an industry perspective on the importance of patient organisations in HTA.

  • Why does patient involvement matter in HTA and access?
  • What opportunities are there for patient engagement?
  • When is the right time for patient organisations to get involved in HTA and access?
  • How can patient organisations and patients be supported to ensure they can maximise their impact?
  • How can patients and clinicians work together to demonstrate the real impact of conditions and new treatments?